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ACTS college revalidated by APTA | 学院再次荣获亚太神学协会鉴定

We are glad to announce that our college has been revalidated by Asia Pacific Theological Association (APTA) till 2020. APTA is a member and an accrediting institution of the World Alliance for Pentecostal Theological education (WAPTE). As such, our students can be assured that their Pentecostal education is recognized worldwide among a strong network of partners. 我们很荣幸宣布,本院再次获得亚太神学协会(APTA)的鉴定,直至2020年。亚太神学协会是世界五旬宗神学教育联盟(WAPTE)的成员和鉴定机构。因此学生可以放心,他们的五旬宗教育是受全球主要神学联盟肯定的。

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