New Journals & Magazines (July) 最新期刊和杂志(7月)


Keep abreast of latest developments in Christian circle. Check out the latest Journals and Magazines in ACTS Library. You can preview their content page before coming down to browse in the library.

Highlights 主题花絮:
1. “What is expected from the faculty of the Future? Tightened budgets, curricular Innovation, and defining faculty identity at Luther Seminary” Matthew L. Skinner (Theological Education journal)
2. “The Poetry of the Lord’s Prayer: A Study in the Poetic Device” Michael Wade Martin (Journal of Biblical Literature)
3. “Why do Things move people? The Jerusalem Temple as emotional repository” Stephen C. Barton (Journal for the Study of the New Testament)
4. “对网络色情上瘾者的辅导”徐保罗(《举目》)
5. “宣教男女比例大失衡”莫洁芳(《大使命》) 

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