New Arrivals, English Journals, Apr 2016

Interpretation Journal, Issue 70.2, The Gospel of Mark
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Suzanne Watts Henderson
The “Good News” of God’s Coming Reign: Occupation at a Crossroads

Jaime Clark-Soles
Mark and Disability

Raj Nadella
The Two Banquets: Mark’s Vision of Anti-Imperial Economics

Brian K. Blount
Jesus as Teacher: Boundary Breaking in Mark’s Gospel and Today’s Church

Interpretation Journal, Issue 70.1, Science and Christian Eschatology
William P. Brown             7
The Unexpected Universe: Emergence, Convergence, And The “Overview Effect”

Ronald Cole-Turner        21
Eschatology And The Technologies Of Human Enhancement

Holmes Rolston Iii             34
Loving Nature: Past, Present, And Future

Robert John Russell         48
Resurrection, Eschatology, And The Challenge Of Big Bang Cosmology

Anna Case-Winters            61
The End? Christian Eschatology And The End Of The World

Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, Issue 40.3
– Hardcopy available at our library (#07-05, Room T4)

Jonathan Vroom
A Cognitive Approach To Copying Errors: Haplography And Textual Transmission Of The Hebrew Bible

Edward Bridge
An Audacious Request: Abraham’s Dialogue With God In Genesis 18

Katie M. Heffelfinger
From Bane To Blessing: The Food Leitmotif In Genesis 37–50

Richard J. Bautch
The Altar Not Destroyed In Deuteronomy 16.21

Joshua Berman
Law Code As Plot Template In Biblical Narrative (1 Kings 9.26–11.13; Joshua 2.9–13)

Anne W. Stewart
Wisdom’s Imagination: Moral Reasoning And The Book Of Proverbs

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