As the saying goes, “A family that eats together, stays together.” Not only did we eat together on ACTS College Family Day, we also had fellowship with one another and got to meet family members of our classmates. On 12 March, thirty-nine of us set off from Eunos MRT at 8.50am to start on our journey of fun. 

Our first stop was at the Food Lab. We learnt about the importance of health and eating well. Our lecturer explained in great detail the functions of amino acids in our body and the types of food that contain amino acids. Since bird’s nest contains approximately 439 units of amino acids, some participants purchased health supplements which included bird’s nest extracts.  From the lecture, we also realised that God has provided eggs as a cheap, rich source of amino acids!

For fish lovers, Qian Hu Fish Farm was a memorable short stop. The riot of colours, together with the variety of ornamental fishes caused everyone to pause and admire God’s wonderful creations. Some of us were thrilled to see a snack shop and bought an ice-cream to quench our thirst in the warm and humid weather. 

By the time we arrived at OrchidVille’s Forrest Restaurant, our stomachs were already creating a symphony of its own. We were ready to enjoy the sumptuous spread of dishes on the table. The winner of the day was the salted egg prawns which were devoured by us in a flash! We also had a good chat in the cool shady environment. Some went to explore the farm. Many of us ended our trip with an affordable purchase of organic vegetables grown by the farm. It has truly been a fun-filled and fruitful day for everyone!

Written by student Ms Aggie Chan 

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