ACTS College 40th Anniversary Promotion / ACTS 学院 40 周年促销

40% rebate* on first module for NEW students!
新生可享有第一课 40% 回扣*!
Refer a NEW student and you will each enjoy 40% rebate* on ONE module!
介绍一名新生,在籍学生也能享有一课 40% 回扣*!

Click here for full modules schedule 请点击参考课程安排:

​*Terms & Conditions 条款:
1. Promotion is only valid for new registrations submitted in March 2017 to June 2017. 促销期只限 2017 年 3月-6月 之间报名。
2. Rebates will be a 40% off the tuition fees of one module. 40% 回扣限定于一课内的学费部分。
3. Rebates for new students are valid for one module taken for credit or audit. 新生回扣适用于一课(学分或旁听)。
4. Rebates for current students will be granted for each successful referral with the new student taking the module for credit. Rebates are capped at three modules per current student regardless of total number of referrals. 在籍学生要享有回扣,所介绍的新生须报读学分。无论介绍多少学生,回扣顶限为三课。
5. Rebates cannot be carried forward to the following year and are not redeemable for cash. 回扣不能留到明年,也不能兑换成现金。
6. Promotion is valid together with the $10 rebate per module given for registration of current students during the academic counselling from 10 – 13 April 2017. 促销能与 2017 年 4月 10-13日 学术辅导的每课 $10 回扣同时生效。

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