ACTS College emphasizes ministerial training and provides many opportunities. Students are required to fulfill them according to their programme of study.
1. Spiritual Formation for Christian Ministry (SF) 属灵塑造
Who? CertTh and GradDip students need to complete two SFs (Calling and Leadership). DipTh and MTS students need to complete another two SFs (Giftings and Lifelong Learning). BTh and MDiv students should have completed four SFs.
神学证书和神学研究生文凭的学生需完成两个属灵塑造(呼召和领导)。神学文凭和神学研究硕士的学生需完成另外两个属灵塑造(恩赐和终生学习)。神学学士和道学硕士需完成总共四个属灵塑造。What? Every SF lesson is a 3hr non-credit one-time lesson that focused on self-assessment and self-awareness for ministry effectiveness. SF1: God’s Calling, SF2: Leadership, SF3: Giftings, SF4: Lifelong Learning

2. Christian Service 学生服务
For matriculated students to complete before graduation. CertTh and GradDip students need to complete 12 hours. DipTh and MTS students need to complete total 24 hours. BTh and MDiv students need to complete total 36 hours.
正式入学的学生需在毕业前完成要求。神学证书和神学研究生文凭的学生需完成12小时。神学文凭和神学研究硕士的学生需完成总共24小时。神学学士和道学硕士需完成总共36小时。What? Each student may choose to serve in administrative office, library, worship team, interpretation, student committees (such as Student Council, Mission Ignite, Publicity, Library, Fund-raising or ACTS College’s special project committees), or any tasks assigned by ACTS College.

3. Practicum 实习
Who? CertTh and GradDip students not required. DipTh and MTS students need to complete two Practicums. BTh and MDiv students need to complete total four Practicums.
神学证书和神学研究生文凭的学生不需完成实习项目。神学文凭和神学研究硕士的学生需完成两个实习项目。神学学士和道学硕士需完成总共四个实习项目。What? Practicum are projects of substantial scale that should last one semester. It should be done in church, Christian organisation or ACTS College. Each student is supervised by a mentor/ pastor, with at least 3 hours per week of active ministry involvement and at least 4 mentor sessions to discuss topics that are relevant to ministry. Examples of Practicum include: 1. design and conduct a Baptism class, 2. plan a marriage seminar for overseas mission, 3. revamp how his/ her church do members visitation.

4. Teaching/ Preaching 教导/讲道
Students in the final year 学生毕业那一年What? Preach and teach a total of 6 sessions in church, Christian organisation, ACTS College or mission field, with a mentor’s assessment on ACTS Evaluation form. This cannot be counted as Practicum.

5. Missions 宣教
All students are encouraged to participate in at least one mission trip a year.
学院鼓励每个学生一年参与至少一次短宣。What? Either through ACTS College, a church organization or their local church. Trips organized by ACTS College are often planned by Mission Ignite (MI), under the guidance of the MI advisor.