What Students Say… 学生怎么说…

Del Rosario Ma Rachel 
Church of Our Savior
(Freshman 2014)
“After a busy day in the office, it was a joy to see my classmates and teachers during class…I enjoy the laughter and the fellowship. It is refreshing to be in a place where everybody truly loves the Lord and spend time studying His Word.”

伍偉新 Stephen Ng 
(新生 2014)

(新生 2012)
Thomas Baby
Ebenezer Malayalam Fellowship Singapore

(Freshman 2012)
“God opened the door for me to go to ACTS College while I was in the North Indian Mission field… ACTS College is well equipped with talented and dedicated teachers, and they help me to stand steadfast on God’s promises.”

What Graduates Say… 毕业生怎么说…

David Lim Han Hui
Hope Church (Singapore)

(MDiv 2014)
“Time and again, the school administration and faculty showed me that their commitment remains unchanged – to train the Lord’s servants wherever they may come from, and that the centre of the school community lies not within denominational lines, but upon the Lordship of Christ.”
Chris Wong Fook Chye
Living Santuary Brethen Church

(BTh 2014)
“A positive result of studying at ACTS College is the opportunity to interact and network with various students from different churches and countries…I would not hesitate to recommend others to be train here!”
(基督教事工证书 2011)
(基督教事工证书 2014)

What Alumnus Say… 校友怎么说…

Rev Dr Koichi Kitano
President, Central Bible College, Tokyo
“A few months ago we had the privilege to reconnect with some of the former students and faculty, and after all these years we experienced again the power of those bonds of community that were built over 25 years ago…we were again reminded of the need for and power that is in community, the Body of Christ.

Rev Alfred Yeo
Former Chairman, ACTS College Board of Directors

“No matter where we are today, or what current degree we hold, my attitude is that one must never forget where we all started from. It is so easy to forget our humble beginnings and forget that had it not been for our early start in ACTS College (then known as BIS), we would never get to where we are today…I say, let’s be grateful.”

Rev Calvin Lee Siew Ming 
Senior Pastor, Grace Assembly of God
“I look back with fond memories of my days at BIS from 1979-1981. At the time, the overall number of full-time lecturers and students was small, maybe less than 20. As we were all stay-in students, we had lots of time to do things together, be it play, study or work. This is where the richness of the community comes into the picture.”